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"The Regulatory Anatomy of a Fragrance", SCC Annual Scientific Meeting, NY Hilton, 12/11/14

“Fragrance as a Science”, SCC Continuing Education Course, NY Hilton, 12/10/14

“Fragrance as a Science”, SCC Continuing Education Course, Newark NJ, 1/29/13

 "An Introduction to Malodor", NYSCC Malodor Symposium, 6/27/12

"Fragrance: A New Whiff" (Moderator and Speaker), HBA, 6/19/12
"Fragrance Transparency: The Final Frontier"

"The Importance of Weak Force Interactions in Multi-Component Product Formulations", HBA 6/20/12

“Fragrance as a Science”, SCC Continuing Education Course, NESCC 10/20/11, SWSCC 3/28/12

"NanoBeauty" (Moderator), HBA, 6/29/11

"Nanocosmetics: Technology, Challenges and Trends in the USA"
"Nanocosmetics: Current Regulatory and Safety Issues in the USA"
ABIHPEC (Brazilian Association of the Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Industry), Sao Paulo, 6/16/11

"Toxicology in the Age of Twitter", Sustainable Fragrances 2011, 6/10/11

“Fragrance as a Science”, SCC Continuing Education Course, Newark NJ, 3/24/11

"Fragrance Overview for Personal Care Products"
Midwest SCC Tutorial, 6/18/10

"A Primer on Green Fragrances", Sustainable Fragrances for Cleaning Products, 6/3/09

“Fragrance as a Science”, Florida SCC Continuing Education Course,  3/19/09

"Green Fragrances", Cosmeceutical Summit,3/12/09

"It Isn't Easy Being Green", NYSCC,  2/4/09

"Fragrance for the Chemist", CfPA, 1/15/09,

"Fragrance and the Mind", CfPA, 12/18/08

"Creating Fragrance for a Green World:, CfPA, 9/25/08

"The Three Greens", SESCC, 4/23/08, Ontario SCC, 9/18/08

"Naturals", (Moderator), Accelerating the Future, 3/18/08

"Green Fragrances & the Environment", HBA, 9/18/07

"Total Anti-Aging: Strategies for Prevention, Maintenance and Repair",  NYSCC Educational Hour, 9/5/07

"Green Fragrances",  ACS 2007 Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference, Washington DC, 6/28/07

“Fragrance as a Science”, SCC Continuing Education Course (WebEx) 6/21/07

“Fragrance as a Science”, (Highlight version) California Chapter SCC, 5/22/07

"Chemoreception", NAFFS (National Association of Flavors and Food-Ingredient Systems),
Edison NJ, 4/17/07

"Total Anti-Aging: Strategies for Prevention, Maintenance and Repair",  NYSCC Spring Seminar, 4/10/07

“Fragrance as a Science”, SCC Continuing Education Course (WebEx) 5/18 & 5/23/06, 9/27 & 9/28/06, 9/20 & 9/21/06

“Fragrance in Action”, ATC Americas, 2/6/06

"Fragrance as a Science", SCC Continuing Education Course, 12/7/05, 7/25/05, 1/7/05

“Understanding and Using Fragrance Chemistry to Enhance Consumer Benefits”, HBA Master Class, 10/15/02, 10/2/03, 9/29/04, 9/28/05

"The Building Blocks of Perfumery", (Moderator), HBA Master Class, 9/30/03, 9/28/04, 9/27/05, 9/12/06, 9/18/07

"Vision, Smell, and Emotion: Candles and the Human Brain", NCA Spring 2005 Technical Meeting, 4/14/05

"Chypre", WFFC Annual Fall Seminar, 11/16/04

"Fragrance Chemistry”, SCC Annual Scientific Seminar, 5/8/04

“Candles in Science, Business, and Society”,  NCA/Alafave World Candle Conference, 4/23/04

"Fragrance as a Science", NYSCC, 2/4/04

“Fragrance Considerations in Candle Formulation”, ALAFAVE workshop, 5/20/03

“Fundamentals of Fragrance Safety”, NCA, 4/10/03

“From the Genome to Human Emotion”, NYSCC, 2/5/03

“Recent Developments in Chemoreception”, SCC Annual Scientific Seminar, 5/11/01

“Technical Foundations of Fragrance Translation”, HBA, 6/20/00, PCIA, Shanghai, 3/20/02, Southeast SCC, 4/16/02

“Fragrance, A Chemist’s View”, NYSCC Scientific Seminar, 4/14/99

“Fragrance A to Z”, Joint Seminar, NY-LI-CT SCC, 11/8/97,  SW Chapter SCC Seminar, 8/27/98
Quebec SCC, 6/19/01

“Natural Perfumes”, HBA, 6/11/97

“The Fragrance Express”, Midwest SCC, 4/8/97, Ontario SCC, 5/8/97
Face & Body, 8/23/97

“Age and Olfaction”  Midwest SCC Scientific Seminar, 9/11/96

“Proteins- New Multi-grafting Techniques” HBA, 6/5/96

“Aromascience”, SCC Annual Scientific Meeting, 12/8/95

“Fragrance Translation”
Carolina SCC Scientific Seminar, 10/19/95, Long Island SCC, 9/8/96

“Fragrance Chemistry and the Translation Process”
COSA Breakfast Seminar, SCC Annual Scientific Seminar, 5/6/96

Perfuming Emulsions”, NYSCC Fall Seminar, 10/9/93

Overview of Fragrance Chemistry and Applications”
ACS Fourth Chemical Conference of North America, 8/27/91