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On cosmetic ingredient labels, every ingredient is disclosed except those in the fragrance.

The name "fragrance" on the label can be any possible blend of 3000 different chemicals.

Fragrances are indeed safe, and the industry has done a wonderful job to guarantee meeting

all human health and environmental concerns.

Still many consumer and NGOs will never be satisfied until disclosure becomes a reality.


The industry has two main arguments against disclosure:

The formulas are vital intellectual property for the creators, and

The formulas are too long to put on the label.


The counterarguments are that analytical equipment makes fragrance duplication routine,

so every fragrance supplier can pretty well copy any one else's blends, and

the ingredients can go on the web, not on the actual product label.


Three resources on this topic are provided:


GCI, Nov 2012, Chemical Reaction  

INCI Name: Fragrance


Perfumer & Flavorist, Nov 2012: 

Fragrance and Transparency


Rose Sheet, Nov 14, 2012

Fighting Ingredient Disclosure Is Losing Battle, Consultant Suggests At RIFM Meeting